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Welcome a new era of leather.

A considered design philosophy in quality materials to create your ideal bag.

By purchasing Evity product you are supporting responsible leather manufacturing via the Leather Working Group.

We believe our designs should stand the test of time. Pieces to carry with you season after season that won’t ever lose appeal. Made to always add a function and style to your life that only gets better with age.

We are proud to craft high-quality, premium-grade leather goods. Placing an importance on the materials we choose to use to ensure a design that is innately considered and made to endure.

Leather is the best complement to the rigours of busy, modern living -week to weekend. Always moving forward, never holding you back with an elevated craftsmanship that embraces anything the day brings.

We’re firm believers that everyone should be able to access high-quality fashion. With no restrictions or limits, and no compromise on style. It’s leather for all and leather to love for life.

On your next visit to Runaway Bay Centre shop Evity at  Strandbags, or discover more here